【TDG】Chapter 207

Probably a little bad news.

I hate 8 weeks of school left before I graduate…
I have exams next week (yeah…the second week after school holiday), Chinese New Year is coming…

So I’ll be pretty much busy the entire thing until this term of school… I’ll do my best to maintain 1 chapter a day tho, but I’m afraid that I can’t do 10 chapters/week like what I’ve said last week.

Chapter 207 – Ye Mo

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  1. Don’t you f*ckind dare flunk to translate, we can wait. Just give us at least 2-3 chap in a week so we don’t die of starvation but not even worry about that after you graduate you catch up. SERIOUSLY.

  2. So basically Ye Mo is the leader of the dark guild, right?
    I had a feeling when I found out that the leader of the dark guild was also ”away on training business” and I was just hoping it wasn’t true. But Ye Zong didn’t know about the Nether realm but Ye Mo does know, clearly he didn’t tell him for some reason.

    I hope it’s not true but I’m just convinced that Ye Mo is the dark guild leader now.

    1. I highly doubt that. What reason would Ye Mo have to invade Glory City? His son is the City Lord and the ruling family is his own. And since he was the only legend expert in the whole city if he wanted the position for himself he could have had it. Not to mention it’s already said that Ye Mo fought for Glory City before (and probably died for it too) so the motive for him doing something like that is literally zero.

    2. No. The leader of the dark guild is the Demon Lord. (as stated in one of the earlier chapters). We will meet him in one of the later chapters. Ye Mo just travels a lot and happens to know about the Nether realm from his travels.

  3. Please Thyaeria, keep those 10 chap per weak, i dare you bring 14 per weak kkkk.
    Just kiding, congratz on the great work.
    hope you can finish school and do what you love.

  4. Thanks for the chapter, 3 days and I made chap 203 O.O… I’m at least relieved there are daily releases XD. Saw the novel is about 935 chapters(?) , looks like I have something to look out to for 3 years XD.

    Oh and good luck with exams!

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