【TDG】Chapter 206

So here’s a short story.
A week and half ago, adidas were releasing the new Yeezy Boost 350 Oxford Tan. I stayed up all night waiting for the sale to start and get one for myself through the adidas site.
However… an hour before the sale starts, I feel asleep…and now I’m in a dilemma if I should get myself from someone else that’s selling at ridiculous price…but…that’s like my dream shoe D:
I should start to get rid of my falling asleep habit…

On the bright side, there has been news of Yeezy Boost 350 being restocked early feb…but…there isn’t any restock of Oxford Tan or Moonrock… D:

Lesson of the day: Never have the habit of falling asleep half way…

Chapter 206 – Mysterious Demon Beast
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Edited by Dogboy90

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  1. What works for me is putting up an alarm, either on mobile or on sites like kukuklok. It helps not only for keeping you awake, but it also prevents forgetting by being distracted.

  2. XD I’m sorry but your advice made me think of something hahaha
    Lesson of the day: Never have the habit of falling asleep half way… if you do, your girlfriend will leave real quick.
    Thanks for the crack 🙂

  3. There’s quite a bit you can do with $200, including buy a cheaper pair of shoes and spend the rest on something else. 😛 I know I have been eyeing buying a new mouse or keyboard (still using cheap ones of both, so considering upgrading to a mechanical KB or getting a new mouse).

    Then again, if you don’t spend the money now, you have it to spend tomorrow. 😀 Something else might catch your attention, you never know.

  4. Thanks fo the chapter!

    As for the shoes the way I look at spending money on things like games (in this case your shoes) is

    1st) Do I have the money to safely spend X amount.

    2nd) Will the spending say $60 on a game will it bring me what I attach to $60 of enjoyment. So if the shoes cost $200 ( i have no clue how much they cost ) but if they will bring you what you equate to be $200 of enjoyment go ahead and buy them. Same idea applies if you have to pay more for them if you don’t want to wait

  5. that why its always good to have friends who work at foot locker i get all my shoe at discount price and of course if they need something i can get it for them at discount price.

    1. Its not just one chapter behind…it is the exact copy ie word to word…no two different translators without copying can do that…it seems like a copy…or is it the site thyaeria used to work on previously…well i guess gotta wait for thy to wake up

      1. It isn’t the site they used to work on, that site is still up. The fact that that site is up and tdg was removed from it indicates that the translators definitely do not know about that site. But on the plus side, that site is only hosting chapters and is not tacking credit for anything, the translations definitely are the same (I checked translator notes with jokes and they were the same).

  6. you could.. use up a weekend or two to translate some extra chapters but don’t post them
    this should create a buffer so that you can still translate during good hours of the day for the rest of the week
    then you can focus on always sleeping well
    so you don’t get sick or randomly fall asleep

  7. Hey man, if you enjoy being a sneakerhead, that’s fine. People here don’t get it. It’s kinda funny actually. They’re all fans of something the average person wouldn’t get either -reading translated works like it’s some sort of addiction. btw i thought the shoes were neat, better luck next time

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