【TDG】Chapter 203

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I’ve seen you guys being confused about demigods rank and some other newly introduced ranks.
Lemme break it down for everyone else 😛

Law Energy path
Legend rank -> Demigod rank (Pinnacle Legend rank that wields the Law Energy. However, due to the current Spiritual God is still not dead, they couldn’t take over their spot as the Spiritual God) -> Spiritual God

Heavenly Energy path
Legend rank -> Heavenly Fate rank

As you know there are laws in the world. The world that Nie Li is in also have their own laws as well.
In his world, the only way to breakthrough Legend rank is to cultivate the Law Energy. However, in the previous life, Nie Li was an exception as he entered the Temporal Demon Spirit Book (Not sure if the book divided the realm between him and the world or he obtained powerful cultivation technique that bypassed the law of his world).

Anyways, here’s your long awaited chapter!

Chapter 203 – Savaged map?

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  1. thanks as always for the chapter, time for more Nie Li awesomeness
    Also I wonder if the “Thanks!” spammers without anything else even read the stories they are commenting on.

      1. sweet, I’ve been mainly reading japanese light novels. Got into TDG thanks to the manhua and am very glad I started the xianxia since it’s insanely entertaining 😀

        1. I also read the light novel tdg and found wuxiaworld because of the manhua. I can recomment you to read the manhua of the legendäre moonlightsculptor, if only the first view chapters and then go over to the light novel, as it is even more entertaining, just like tdg 🙂 sry for bothering you with my blabbering .-.

  2. since you’re slightly ahead of us in the story, can you tell us which is stronger? heaven fate or law path? or do each have their own perks? can both be achieved? pls thyaeria senpai <3

    1. Heavenly Fate is stronger than Law path I think. Nie Lie mentions people have to cultivate law to break into the heavenly fate realm. The reason he was able to do so in his previous life was due to Temporal Demon book

  3. thanks for the clarification, but “>” is backwards. “>” means the first one is stronger/ greater than, so currently you are saying legend rank is greater/ stronger. use “<"

    1. Not in this case, because he used “->” ; an arrow, which shows the order of things (first comes Legend, then Demigod and then Spiritual God), which is further shown by the wording “Power of Law Path”

  4. Thank you Thyaeria!

    Just curious: why did we go from two translations a day back to only one? You spoiled me so much now one translation a day doesn’t fix my habit. Damn your like heroin, always leaving the user wanting moar!!!

    1. regular chapters are posted on regular interval/time while sponsored chapters are posted earlier or no fix time, but depends if the required donation is reached,

      1. Does that mean only people who have donated get to read it?

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        So does that mean I won’t get to read the next chapter? Or once a donation amount is reached then everybody can read it?

        1. Everybody can read all chapters on this site including sponsored. there is no VIP or paid only parts. Basically the way it works is each translator commits to a certain amount of chapters that they will try their best to translate each week which varies depending on each translator and what they are comfortable doing. Then each translator has a set amount for donations per chapter and when that amount is reached they will release a chapter in addition to the guaranteed chapters. For example in the case of TDG there are 3 guaranteed chapters per week and then for every 60 total dollars donated there will be an additional chapter released that everybody can read.

  5. i think that nie li was a spiritual god before, in his previous life i mean, but he doesnt know it, i think the book made him the spiritual god of time and space or something like that when he obtained it, think about it, the book allows him to spend time inside it reading other books and doing things there for days or years or even hundred of years without him aging or the outside world being still the same as before when he came inside book, he didnt realize he’s the spiritual god of time and space b/c the law of time and space is mysterious, and when he died the law of time and space allowed him to go back to his childhood, its just a hunch though, if i guessed it correct, well, im sorry for spoiling it,

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