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  1. Thank you for the chapter. I cant wait for the other one its killing me i keep checking like every 20-30 mins its making me crazy i wish i went into the future to when it was all done so i can just binge read

    1. Wait until we know the secret of the Time whatever good and we will be able to do the trick of moving trough time and binge read it.. We could also move to the past and have Edmund N! & Dogboy90 start the translating 1 year earlier so we can get it all tranlated by last week and then we will not ever remember that we had to learn and do all that! and in the near future we could use our time for other stuff like playing some more GTA and stuff… 😉

  2. There is one think I have always wanted to say but always forget xD

    When you write ARMOR you write it like this ARMOUR which is wrong it got a useless U there xD
    And that has been happening in every chapter where ever armor should be you write armour T_T

    I wonder if anyone noticed it too but I saw in other words this same error the same useless U that came after O.
    I got this problem me self too I write amoung instead of among some time xD

    Well thanks for the chapter and hope this help you in some what 😀

    1. Both are right actually, Armor is the American spelling of the noun meaning a protective covering. Armour is the preferred spelling in all the other main varieties of English. Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the words.

      1. Well English is my 3th language so I can’t know it all but somehow it just sounds wrong when it is written armour instead of armor. But if it is correct then I will ignore the wrong sounding when I read it xD

        So does that mean amoung is also correct like among?

        1. Me too, english is my 3rd language, well Amoung is an “outdated” spelling of the word. It was used at least into the 1920’s. If you read “old books” you will run across it with some frequency. But i don’t know for sure so cmiiw.

  3. Hi I’m just curious but do you have anything like a time frame for releases I sort of binge read the entire series so far in about 2 days after finding the manga and wanting to know what happens next but seeing how much I’ve enjoyed this story I have no intention to leave it unfinished so I’d just like to know if you have a time in which you usually release if you don’t that’s fine but the anticipations for the next chapter each day is killing me so I was just curious

  4. Some time ago I had a very delicate medical condition and it was not clear that I was going to live a long time… Today I am in the clear and I am getting stronger everyday [ I cannot use cultivation techniques.. sadly.. nor there are any elixirs 🙁 ]

    Is there any way that we can pretend that I only got 3-4 months to go and you guys pick up the pace?….

    Note: I am joking please don’t ban my IP… please please please!!!
    Note#2: Thanks for this I am really really happy that I found you guys!!!

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