【TDG】Chapter 196

Last chapter of 2015!

It’s hard to think that I’ve come this far. End of December marks the 6th month of me translating TDG.
It’s been a long and fun journey for me, from me doing 3-4 chapters a week at the start, to 1-2 chapters a day now.

Anyways, let us continue this journey down 2016 as well 😛
I have a plan to 2016, that is to finish translating TDG before 2017!

Chapter 196 – Give it a try

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  1. I made an account simply to comment, and thank you. I found this site recently after having found the TDG manga. The novel version was addictive i spent a few days reading the whole thing plus ATG. So thank you :> you have made my holidays genuinely fun

        1. thanks i wasnt clear on it either. also Mad Snail releases a new chapter a day so to catch up there will need to be at least 2 release a day with relatively little room for breaks so we may get whiplash after so many releases in the first 1/2- 2/3 of 2016

  2. Happy new year Thyaeria! Really love TDG and have been an avid fan back when you were still running your own site back then. More power to you this 2016.

    Ps. Is TDG already done since you wanted to finish it before 2017? If so then i’m quite sad since it looks like its not that long of a series 🙁

    1. Thanks for supporting 😛 I’ve seen you around on my panda site.

      TDG’s prequel ended at 600+ chapters, so I’m expecting TDG to be somewhere around there too. Probably.

  3. Thanks for the translation happy new year to you all!!!

    i have a question. is this series connected to coiling dragon? and if so what other novels are connected to it?

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