【TDG】Chapter 179

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Chapter 179 – Prestige

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  1. To Translator:
    It would be great if you would stop using word “extremly”. Seriously, it starts to get “extremly” annoying 🙂
    Better use word “very” and forget about “extreme”.
    And dont use full names in every sentence. Often you can replace them with words like “he, she, it, sword, array, etc.”. Example: If in first sentence u use name “Nie Li” then in second use “he”. And if u write that he has Super Duper Godly Like Meteor Sword, then in next few sentences write just “sword”, dont use this long names every time (its annoying for readers.. well atleast for those who reads books), only do it when its necesary to make sure that we would not misunderstand something. Its one of the western world literacy laws – if you use one word in first sentence then dont use the same word in next, replace it.
    Its sounds like little mistakes, but excatly they make the diference between readable and not readable translation (not your case, but anyways).. or just the feeling of next level translation.
    But keep your good work. Definetely far from the worst translations what I have read 🙂 Possibly one of the best.. if not for those little, annoying literary inaccuracies.
    Just keep in mind what I said and then this will be one of my top traslations.

    And what about author.. well.. he obviously is bad at math or is just too lazy to think what he has written. Because every time he uses numbers they are.. hmm.. illogical? I got a feeling that there is not any meaning behind them.

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