【TDG】Chapter 178

Second regular chapter of the week! Sorry for the late release, I was reading Zither Emperor by TJSS xD

Anyways, OMA of OMATranslation will take over Warlock of the Magus World!
As the few of us are very busy with our own series and WMW has started to decline, OMA took the initiative to take over in order to provide everyone with their WMW chapters!!
So from now own, OMA will officially take over WMW, that’ll leave us with more time for our own series 🙂

Chapter 178 – Revolt?

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    1. OMA is One Man Army from OneManArmy Translations. He’s another translator that translate a different series, notably for Dragon Blooded War God. His site is omatranslations.com. and WMW is Warlock of the Magus World. Its a translation that was being done on Thyaeria’s old site but now OMA is taking over for it.

  1. Thanks for the chapter!!!

    I’m new to the series, and absolutely love it. I’ve binge read the series just today (wow). Can anyone tell me the supposed ‘schedule’ for this series. I noticed that in the lil footnote for the latest chapter, it said ‘Last regular chapter of the week!’, and I was wondering if there are only 3 guaranteed chapters a week. So basically, how often does this series get translated.

    thanx in advance !!

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