【TDG】Chapter 176

May the force be ever in your favour!
Not sure if there’s be any chapters later on at 8 hours or so since I have to go out later on, but we’ll see xD
Furthermore, my translator sense is tingling, calling me to leave you guys hanging…

Chapter 176 – Monster!

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  1. Dear god give Thyaeria the strength to translate 4 chapters every day so he can catch up to the raw and enjoy a much easy life. Since he has holiday right now it should be the great time. And while you at it make sure he is happy and has good fortune in his life. Since many people pray for him since he is a leader with many followers.

  2. Finally made an account.. Been reading tdg for a while now.. And i think its time i join you guys on the comments.. I just can’t get enough of its chapters.. Thank you soo thyaeria..? I wont be online later, i just wished there’d be more to read before i go offline.. Well anyways just wanna say thank you for working so hard on these chapters..

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