【TDG】Chapter 175

Let the downfall of Sacred Family begin!!
May the force be with you.
May the odds be ever in your favour.

Chapter 175 – Gift

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    1. if i say that regardless knowing it get 1-2 translation a day, i keep checking a hundred time a day to see if one is available because of how much i’m hooked to it, does it give you hype?

  1. Hello,
    I’m a huge fan of TDG. I currently run a blog (see below) where I make PDFs of Japanese light novels that are currently being translated. I am hoping that you will give me permission to publish a PDF for TDG for those who want to read it offline. I will give credit for the story to Mad Snail and credit for the translation to you. I will take credit for the creation of the PDF and nothing more. I may do some minor editing like correcting grammar and spelling but that is all. I would release updates to the PDF every week, month, or 20 chapters (I’ll decide later). Please let me know if this is OK. I should note that I do NOT take donations since all I’m doing is copying an pasting text.

    Thank You,

    Blog https://geoslim21lnpdf.wordpress.com/

      1. what? the webnovel has only 390 chapters? is it finished already or ongoing? releasing weekly or monthly?, it would be sad if the story ended at only 390 chapters, it would mean the story would progress rather fast and rushed :/

        1. The english translation has 1 or 2 chapters daily. The raws are still ungoing and also have 1 or more releases per day.

          Just checked some numbers. Raws are at 398. since the 22nd july, the author released chapters 112 to 398. That equals 1.9 chapters/day. One day he released 1 chapter, next day 4. One week he released 7 chapter, next week 20. Highly depends on his mood I guess.

  2. Thank you for the chapter…
    I couldnt wait and started reading ahead, seems promising…
    I wonder where the hell is this Legend dude… It just doesnt feel right to leave him out for 175 chapters… The story seems to stuck and i dont see much progress… Cant wait when this drama is over and real adventure starts…

    1. yeah, when the heck is Ye Mo coming back in town? Nie Li should have met him ages ago now. He should have being the first legend rank he met, but instead he met another one in the abyss prison realm

  3. I just red this LN yesterday and it kept me hooked up for the whole day,.. I I love the way they do the translation in this Novel its so clear and easy to understand even a little kid would be able to easily imagine what’s going on… Sadly, the release is slow but still TEN THUMBS UP.. xD

    This LN is really awsome…

  4. I really need to thank you. Since Coilin Dragon is completed and irregular releases from FBT you are now the only translator who brings me a smile every day. Especially since you translate 2 chapters every day. So thanks for all your hard work!

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