21 thoughts on “【TDG】Chapter 170” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I just made an account solely for TDG, certainly the best plot and story i have read so far, and i’m not kidding as i have read over 100+ different manga about over 10k+ chapters easily in total….
    Its one of my favs I hope they can keep releasing these 2 chapters daily.
    I finished all the novel within 1 day, started in the morning and now its evening already lol…..
    I hope you guys can keep the manga going daily as well apart from the 2 chapters release here on novel.
    Really great job , keep it up !

  2. Made a new account to say thanks as well.
    just one question though, where did the legend rank owl go? i know i might missed him on some chapters somewhere, forgive me if i do.

  3. so many new accounts just to thank the translator! we are so alike 🙂 i also just made this account to say thank you for translating this and i hope these double releases continue forever.

    1. not just to thank the translators, in the comment section of the chapter themselves, we are all debating about the story, heavy shipping wars and flame wars going on 🙂

  4. And here I thought his problems with Zhiun would drag for a long time, to the point he would get depressed and reject Ning’er straight away, and then Ning’er would come to Zhiun and tell all Lie told her the first day, and say she would get out of her path. But the author gave us a nice surprise. Kudos.

    Thx for the hardwork, Thyeria!!!

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