【TDG】Chapter 160

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I’ll try to get 2 chapters out daily but no promises tho xD

Chapter 160 – Beast horde arrives

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  1. thanks for chapter.
    its good news that 2 chapters daily as in this way we will be able to little close from original raw release (till today 380) because as compare to raw release which is daily bases so translating one daily still didn’t reduce gap.

  2. Thanks for the chapter!!

    Out of curiosity, how long does it take you to translte one chapter of TDG? and after it gets into the hands of editors and other people does it get onto this page?

  3. just read the machine translated version of the next chapter and it really gave me a headache. i wish the proofread it first because it make almost zero sense. cant wait till the real tl for the remainder of this arc.

      1. and i think translators are people technically acquainted with both chinese and english. so someone like that can translate himself directly from the raws, believe me, u dont wanna use machine translation cuz they suck bigggg time

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