【TDG】Chapter 159

Just a random panda passing by to clear up another sponsored chapter~

So… I’ll not me posting at 8-9pm(GMT+8) anymore, at least not till next month. Because… MY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!! So… I’ll be sleeping whenever I like which will most likely affect the posting time. So, I’ll be posting chapters at random timing of the day!

I’ll try to get 2 chapters out daily but no promises tho xD

Chapter 159 – Demon Beast Horde

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  1. Thank you for the release !!

    Ps: 2 chapters a day sounds lovely (if you can manage it) it seems things are heating up, so it’s the perfect time for faster releases, it would make the wait less cruel xD.

  2. the generous person has got his holidays. holy yea. damn, holidays are very important, like the most essential.
    anyways, thank you for your hard work as usual

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