【TDG】Chapter 143

Second regular chapter of the week & third chapter of the week!
Sorry about the 2 hours delay for this chapter, I basically fell asleep the moment I reached home :/
Just to give everyone a heads up, there won’t be any chapter tomorrow as I’m celebrating a birthday of a friend of mine on friday so I’ll need a day beforehand to prepare for it xD

Chapter 143 – The outside world

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  1. Heya for the people that are confused about the matter of language, they indeed do not understand each other neither did they exchange words.
    Lu Piao only looked in a indecent way at the girl and she cought wind of his intentions ,she didnt talk with him but just tought or verbally abused the guy without him understanding the exact words but the intent behind it is understood.
    As for the other members who are with the mc they havent talked with any of the winged peeps

  2. Well does anyone of u read the raws and or knows a site which translates them better than googletranslate?
    Because the google translation is so bad u unterstand at most 40-50 percent.
    And all the jokes are missing. U just get the great picture but nothing more.
    If so i would appreciate it.
    Ty for the translation to the author, the Translator and the Sponsors.
    I really like the way u write and now i understand the chapters a lot better. U cleared some of my toughts about some characters , from when i read the raws with google. Now it makes much more sense.
    TY for that <3 and keep the good work going pls .

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