【TDG】Chapter 142

First regular of the day & second chapter of the week!
Damn… Ren broke free the curse of translating the most legit way… When will I be able to finish TDG D:

Chapter 142 – Sikong Yi

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  1. I’ve finally done it. I’ve reached the pinnacle. It sure is lonely being first.

    Thank you Thyaeria for the chapter! TDG was actually one of the real reasons I started to indulge on LN. And for that I wish to say thanks for continuing to translate it!

    1. don’t follow ren… DONT reliably produce a large number of chapters until you finish the novel and then continue translating other novels….

      OH SHIT, WAAAAAAIIIIT, no no, i take it back, DO do that, exactly that, it sounds ideal

  2. Haha, it’s terrible, but with the weird sort of void I have having finished CD, I honestly hope for thousands upon thousands of TDG chapters and that you’re never really free, instead just making translating your full time job forever. It’s just like any other great series, really… it has to end, but you never really want it to. Thanks a lot for the work you do for us.

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