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  1. Thank you soo much ^,^
    nothing beats a new TDG chapter after a full day’s work~

    Chapter 132 Preview
    After Ye Han showed his strength, Nie Li fused with the fanged panda which confused everyone. needless, some saw the strength of the fanged panda and became wary of the situation thus everyone having mixed thoughts. With Ye Han’s mysterious background driving Nie Li in a corner won’t be a farfetch dream.

  2. sorry but didnt you say you would release 2 chapters from monday on? i only see 1 chapter a day. if you arent able to release 2 chapter a day you shouldnt announce it .

    1. there’s a notice that he didn’t post last monday due to exams so from tuesday until today, there’s 7 chapters released

      I don’t know for your case but for me, that’s a really good deal already 🙂

    2. Hmm, I think he did post 2 chapters on Tuesday and etc… This is the first chapter of the day is it not?

      And stop complaining about releases, they’re kind enough to translate for us leechers anyway, don’t make them change their mind… 😀

    3. LOL! You should be somehow be happy coz thyaeria had release chapters.. If she can’t release, you should be understandable, people got real life too.. If you’re not satisfied with her work, go translate and see for yourself.. Next time learn how to be appreciative not complaint.. Too ungrateful :c

      Many thx for the Chapter Thyaeria and for the sponsors 😉

      1. Me too… I don’t know why some people are whining… They don’t read posts and don’t know what’s happening.
        Yesterday should have double release and Thyeria posted that there was some “going out” involved. From this you can deduct that yesterday second chapter is today only chapter and because yesterday there was (i think) no translation done the next double can be only on Sunday not earlier…
        People should READ —> THINK —> (TRY TO) UNDERSTAND and than POST…

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