【TDG】Chapter 130

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Chapter 130 – Ruins

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  1. early releasee? oo i love early release ^,^

    thank you <3

    Chapter 131 Preview
    After the jealous gazes the students gave when he casually talks to Ning'er, other Chen Linjian came thus piping down their jealousy as they realized, Nie Li is someone they cannot level to. Trouble brews when Ye Han arrived.

    1. Mmm …
      Can’t tell if this is joking but nevertheless, I think “#disappointed” is a bit uncalled for hey? Unless you’ve heavily sponsored …

      Come on, he even released a chapter whilst busy with exam days, despite saying that he’d avoid it! So heck, I <3 double chapters but to complain when it isn't? Don't think that is right ~ just my two cents ^^

      Anyways, thanks Thyaeria for the chapter!! Hope you party hard if that's what you're busy with ;-)!!

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