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  1. Thank You!! 2 chapters a day! one to brighten up my mornings and another to give me a good night sleep >///< this is too muchhh~

    Chapter 130 Preview

    Shen Hong got startled as the Snow Wind Family acted too fast in suppressing the Sacred Family, Thus, he became weary and decided to plan a counter-attack. Meanwhile, Nie Li decided to visit the academy and provided gifts that the students would surely benefit from. Knowing Nie Li, the academy won’t be quiet.

    thanks for letting me post previews 🙂 i really like to help as much as i can in any aspect as i can't donate since i'm poor as hell ^,^

    1. Thanks Thyaeria for the daily chapters! Keep up your great work!

      Also thanks maylinanne for the previews! I always get so hyped in anticipation for the next chapter!
      Do you translate a little by yourself or how do you get these previews???


      1. i’ve tried translating before but it’s really time consuming and my schedule just wont fit. that’s why I’m really thankful for Thyaeria for spending time in this 🙂

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