【TDG】Chapter 127

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Chapter 127 – Clash
Edited by: Dogboy90
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  1. thanks a lot for the update…always get a kick outta this series. BTW is the sponsor progress bar going to update or is it simply being donated to at the same rate as your pushing out chapters….if it’s not updating then please get it fixed so we can get a clearer picture on how much to sponsor 🙂

  2. thank you soo much!
    reading tdg chapter always makes my day fluffier 🙂

    TDG Chapter 128 Preview:

    After showing the immense strength of Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, Shen Yue desperately gazes at
    Shen Hong as if seeking for help but to no avail, he is on his own. Ye Han came to appease the tension
    and endured Nie Li’s arrogance and like a steriotypical sore loser, Shen Yue sweared vengeance on
    Nie Lie as he walked out of the hall. Soon after, Shen Hong left too thus concluding that it is
    Nie Li’s win over the Sacred Family.

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