【TDG】Chapter 113

Someone in the comment asked how’s ‘Thyaeria’ supposed to be pronounced.
For me… it’s Tee-ae-ria

First sponsored chapter of the day. [Figured I’ll split up the release for 2 chapters xD]

TDG Chapter 113

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  1. Thanks Thyaeria.
    Btw it is not mandatory to post 2 chapters a day. Only Coiling Dragon do that, and sometimes Against The God also post 2 chapters daily. Don’t push yourself, you’ve done a great job already. Thanks again!

  2. Thyaeria – For me it would be more or less ‘Thyeria’ – But i am from poland, so it’s easier for me to pronounce those tongue twisters… xD Simplified version would be ‘Theria’ 🙂

  3. wow dude 630$ in sponsors!?! 0-0… isn’t that 10 chap? can’t wait for all of those and it seems you are uploading a few per day so this will burn up in like 3-4 days.

  4. I like this novel!
    I just catched up this chapter last night so, I thank you 113 times for your hard work (and pretty good work)!
    Thank you very much Thyaeria and all past and present sponsors!

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