【TDG】 & Announcement!

Hey guys! I guess it’s finally here, huh. Firstly, I apologise in all the irregular releasing and timing TDG’s chapters have been for the past few months…

Next, for those who doesn’t know, Chapter 444 is the latest chapter that TDG’s raw has to offer. Which also means that we’ve caught up with the latest chapter… Oh nevermind, Chapter 445 just came out just today. Anyways, let’s carry on! With how TDG is going, the author only releases one chapter once a month. Yeah, you hear me right, once a month.

This was a ridiculously long journey for me, nearly 1 and a half year long journey! I never expect myself to last so long in translating considering how I get bored of stuff easily. Many things happened within this 1 and a half year… I’ve also just finished my 24 weeks of police training, thereby graduating as an official policeman! I have to thank Ren and Yn5an3 for fixing my bad links while I’m in camp. During my training period, I had to stay in camp from Monday to Friday with no access to computer whatsoever, so I could only translate in the weekend and schedule them up for posting. Occasionally… NOT… ahem, let’s start again. Frequently, as I’m too tired to double check after translating 5 chapters in the weekend when I’m out from camp, I scheduled the posts and sometimes bad link happens when I did not do it right. When that happens, Ren or Yn5an3 would come to the rescue to fix the bad links for me, so… thank them!!

It wasn’t easy to manage the 24 weeks of training, being so dead tired every time I’m home on the weekends with less than 48 hours of my own time and yet, having to translate 5 chapters (Not including The Great Ruler chapters :P). However, I’m glad I somehow managed to do it.

With Tales of Demons and Gods‘ slow release, I will be focusing more on The Great Ruler since Tales of Demons and Gods‘ chapters are only being released one a month.

From next week onward, The Great Ruler will be welcoming donations of $60/chapter. There will be 3 guaranteed free chapters per week and extra chapters will have to depend on donations. The donation button will be opened once again, which was previously closed due to me going into police training. And as I’ve promised before going into the academy, 24 weeks of Tales of Demons and Gods‘ chapters without any donations required accomplished! For once, I’ve fulfilled my promise, eh? xD

Anyways, translating Tales of Demons and Gods was fun, and I hope the author would increase his releasing pace so I’ll be able to translate more again! Tales of Demons and Gods‘ new chapters will have priority, which means as soon as new chapters are released in raws, I’ll do my best to have it translated and edited asap! Meanwhile, do support the second novel which I’ve taken over from Jn19930, The Great Ruler

Thank you for all your support in Tales of Demons and Gods for the past one and a half year!
I’ll see you tomorrow for chapter 445 and next month for chapter 446!

Here’s Chapter 444 of Tales of Demons and Gods!

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  1. i’m so sad that this series is only going to be coming out once a month. One of my favorite series that got my through the day is gone!!! Well it can’t be helped. Still, keep up the good work.

    1. Don’t worry, the world of wuxia is far and wide as the eye can see. Many more novels out there just waiting to be discovered. I recommend Againts the gods, I shall seal the heavens, and if you still haven’t read coiling dragon give it a try. All 3 of these are as good, sometimes might even be better than tdg. As for me, I guess i too will go into secluded meditation and come back here after a year.

      1. Pshhh ISSTH is way to focused on word count goals, and spending 5 chapters bragging over every new development to be better then TDG, Its amusing some-times but the majority is just skipping through no name characters in the back-ground being “shocked with their eyes popping out” Over literally every damn thing. And the main characters hideous Attention seeking problems.

        It is good, but not comparable to ATG or TDG.

        I would compare it to HJC as they are both incredibly lame in the same equal doses as they are amusing.
        The ending of Coiling dragon ruined the entire experience. Really really lame development to end a novel.

        Spirit Realm
        Warlock of the Magus World
        A goblins tale
        The forgotten conqueror
        Any of these titles are worth reading.

        1. I prefer 5 chapters posted within 2 days with fillers like ISSTH than one a month with author trying to rush it to the end creating hundreds of plotholes like TDG.

          And what? Irrelevant side characters’ reactions? Have you ever read ISSTH??? You have not, so don’t talk about it. Even if somethig seems irrelevant it is explained 500 chapyers later.

        2. Dude idk what you are smoking but ISSTH is far better than most other LNs out there, one of the only novel that is not mainly designed for 14-16 years old misogynist boys (ofc if you are chinese or american it’s probably normal to consider girls as pretty items, attention seeking and needing to rely on a man. Don’t even get me started about the lolicon/pedophilia tendencies like in ATG), the plots are so good and the story so coherent sometimes I think Er Gen actually wrote it as a book. The only one I can put on the same lvl so far would be Perfect World, then Spirit Realm for now isn’t too bad, like Transcending the Nine Heavens and Undefeated God of War, also IET novels. But none of those got as much humour than PW and ISSTH.

          1. Haha have you read one of the other books by er gen “a thought throughout eternity” it is so hilarious, it is a bit like issth but the character is always doing stupid funny shit, and also has a huge case of whatever you call sombody that is scared of dying, and the best part is while yes he is strong and will probally be immortal atter a couple of hundred chapters but he is always doing stuff to his sect like makeing a acid rain all over the sect that will only burn off your cloths, or making birds have diarrhea!

          2. Wow… a bit ragey, eh? I feel your point would have been a lot better without the “one of the only novel that is not mainly designed for 14-16 years old misogynist boys (ofc if you are chinese or american it’s probably normal to consider girls as pretty items, attention seeking and needing to rely on a man.” – part. Really kind of insulting over all.

          3. Well , i am a chinese and we don’t think like how you say that we have a view of women relying on men but i do have to admit that there are still a lot of them that have those old views but hey we are the new generation. Not to mention that the author of ISSTH aka Er Gen is a chinese himself. It is just that Novels like ATG are… more focused on audience of desperate teenage kids( which i absolutely detest).

            But yeah that aside , if you like the “world” of Perfect World then you might want to check Instant Kill or Chronicle of Primordial Wars and God of Thunder. From all three i like CoPW the most (note : it does not have the comedy part of PW but the world is really nice).

          4. Thanks fellow daoist for explaining the truth , his comment nearly made me Couch up some blood.

            And the eyes of the fellow daoist in the comments below also nearly popped, because something like this has never been seen in the whole Mountain and sea realm. As for meng hao, in this moment…^^

          5. @Artimid yes i was a bit pissed by what napkin wrote so i may have been a bit crude but that’s still totally true.
            @FormerObserver you know I m right don’t you? To further convince you here is the first definition of normal I found: “Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.” So it’s not about everybody, only a most people… Also I think you deserve a longer answer than artimid sooooo about those novels focused on desperate teenagers as you say:
            Are the author just writing to sell? I would consider that really despicable, that’s not what writing should be, it’s supposed to be a form of art… Also teenagers need to be teached, what are the teachings here; you are only a man if you kill whoever looks at you the wrong way and if you got a harem around you? ( And don’t worry I got it you don’t like those but my point is… new generation?) I know those are works of fictions but there is a saying: You are what you read. Er Gen is chinese I know it and I love his works but those other LNs are also wrote by chineses and for chineses m I not right? Or is it that translators mostly pick those LNs?
            I don’t want to be partial so i’ll tell you something I hate about my country, I m belgian, we are in a sort of representative democracy and so last election for the governement officials about 40% of the people who did, voted for right-wing parties, so maybe it’s a bit over the edge but for me it means that almost half of the people I come across walking on the street are racists.
            Progress is far slower than you may think, partly because of the teachings from the older generation, how else can you explain that there are people believing they got the right to oppose homosexual mariage, aren’t we free to love whoever we love and to express it in the same way than others?
            How to explain there are still so many religious that follow dogmas? Do they really believe God told the Christians to invade Jerusalem, or told the muslims women not to show themselves to another man than their husband? Was He that bored? I mean we are actually annihilating a lot of animal and vegetal races, polluting the planet at a never seen speed and probably compromising the future of mankind but He doesn’t seem to even give a damn about that so…
            For now I m not really convinced by the “new generation”, let’s hope it improves, some day.
            @Fuurikazan Watch me I’m on fiiiiire.
            And remember: ALWAYS BE TRUE

            PS: oh men i wrote a lote more than i thought.

        3. If you like SOTR, it shares many flaws with ISSTH.
          Main thing is that you don’t have as self-serving of a mc. Which, looking at all other cultivators around them, is unrealistic. Being self-centered and selfish is normal for a cultivator.

          1. Same, ISSTH is a masterpiece. Er Gen is great! People tend to read too far into things. It is fantasy fiction just sit back and enjoy it!

      2. you may be able to meditate on it, but I can not even through the year with out reading over 500 chapters in less than a month so I can finish almost all LNs by the time even 18 chapters of TDG are out D:

  2. Thank you for the hard work; I have greatly enjoyed reading TDG these last few months since I first discovered it, in addition to how great these Chinese novels can be. Before TDG I did not have any interest in the fantasy/light novels but now that has completely changed. I am looking forward to checking out TGR while awaiting the next TDG release.

    Congrats on successfully completing the Police Training! I cannot imagine how much work/dedication it took to handle your work load between the training and all the releases you have been doing. It is even more impressive that all these releases were completed over the weekend, you completely deserve all the donations that have been made.

  3. Thanks for the hard work you have done!!!
    Is it possible to contact the writer? If he knows how many people love and read his novel, maybe he will consider increasing the amount of chapters per month.
    Ideally would be 3 bullies a day!!!
    I meant chapters.

  4. Once a month is still better than nothing (or berserk :v ) but i really hate how stupid this story became in last few chapters i mean ever since he met emperor whatever tian everything feels rushed i used to love this novel because of the fact that MC knew that his strength alone is not enough and also that he only had eyes for a single girl but all of that started to change at some point been following this story since the time you were at around 20-30 chapters, got to say it was a fun ride for most part eventhough it is not one of my favourite( due to many fak ups by mad snail) it was one of novels that i looked forward to read the next chapter the most
    Thank you and although im not planning to start reading TGR anytime soon i wish you luck and success while translating it, may the Dao be with you ?

    P.s : plot twist mad snail was waiting for translation to catch up on yraw and he plans to do 2 chapter per day again(not likely, just my wishful thinking)

  5. 1 chapter a month?! lol The author might as well just write a rushed ending and finish the novel. With how the chapters have shrank in length, I’m sure just 3 paragraphs would be sufficient to make all the points.

  6. time to be depressed due to the authors i chapter a month
    but thank you for the great work you’ve done since the start when you were releasing on the old site thyaeriatranslations.com

    hehe but if you get bored after taking on the new stuff …MGA could do with some help with it s 2,5k chapters lol

    and Gz’s once again on passing your tests

  7. Did the author used to write faster? Cause if he’d always been writing at a speed of once a month, 444 chapters would mean that he’s been writing for 37 years. I hope he’s just temporarily busy or stuck in a rut and speeds up again at some point. There’s no way I’m going to wait 37 years for the next 444 chapters.

  8. If you think about reading other novels, some of my favorites are these, tdg usually takes the 4th place on my list of favorites but I didn’t add it:)
    1. Transcending the nine heavens
    2. I am the monarch
    3. Otherworldly evil monarch
    4. Martial world
    5. True martial world
    6. Spirit realm
    7. Enchantress among alchemist
    8. Genius Doctor: black belly miss
    9. Against the gods
    10. Chaotic sword god
    11. Stellar transformation

  9. Really Thanks To Ren and Yn5an3 for looking after The Tales of God’s and Demons !! ?

    One more Thanks to Author for making such great and heart moving novel!! ?

    MORE Thanks to Translator for taking up this Novel to do! ?

    1. He already decided a novel to help translate. WDQK is still being translated at a okay speed. At the current rate they’ll catch up to the author in around 4-5 years. In that time, learning chinese would probably be faster if you can’t wait.

  10. If nie li combine the consumption of his powerful elixer and stop the time by using the remnant page…cultivate for 20yrs….. TDG will end in one chapter…

  11. thank you Thyaeria for your great work. Actually I stop reading this novel for the last 50 chapters because I patiently waiting it to reach the same chapter as RAW. Now I can start reading it at full speed.

  12. Congratulation on your graduation, my dear translator!
    As for TDG, I don’t mind waiting for once a month if the author knows what he is doing. I am very afraid of a rush ending knowing that TDG had so much potential. It pained me to hear that the author got into a slump and was not sure how to continue. I am asking myself why that happen to TDG everyday. TDG was the first xianxia that got me into this genre.
    TGR is also a great novel that I am following, I hope it will continue to perform well.

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