❣️Ancient Strengthening Technique 854, 855, 856!❣️

AST 854, 855, 856! are regular chapters (3/18)

Bonus chapters remaining : 14

TL:  DragonInWhite, xMyuuchanx, Zombiegal

ED:  Rubble, Sherardia

TLC: lordbluefire

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    1. the only reason Ancient Strengthening Technique wasn’t picked in webnovels because it had a lot of mistakes in translation it has nothing to do with ww.

    1. AST isnt from Qidian… and if he translate 2 novels why should he not getting paid 2 times.
      i hate that qidian scum for their actions. but i dont detest the translators that switch as long the quality dont drop ^^

      1. qidian and ww kinda like 2 companies that competes which each other, and these translator/s continue
        to earn money from both. Best of both world? their attitude disgusts me. Now im suspecting that lordbluefire works as a spy with ast as a front.

      1. Nope, they are not greedy. In my opinion, it is just grabbing the opportunity. Translators are not wealthy like you. This is an opportunity to secure his family financially or to improve his family’s daily living. Thus I can’t really blame them, only that I may not continue reading all the titles that were moved ti QI. I really despise those villains.

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