⚔️Talisman Emperor — WHEN ARE TALISMANS COMING?!?! + 214⚔️


I bet this question is in the minds of everyone, right?

Before I tell you, let me just say that talismans play a super integral role in the entire story.
Now, the author actually gives everyone an ETA on the arrival of talismans in a few more chaps. But, people want to know, so here I am, I SHALL LET YOU KNOW! 😛
It’s actually really really close, or like the author said in ch231, it’s right after this ARC ends.

This is the best hint I can give everyone without it being a spoiler. Enjoy the chap and share TE to all your friends! LEL!!

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Chapter 214

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    1. Possible spoiler, just want to flag so the mods can be aware and decide.

      To anyone reading this, thank you for spending your time reading this, I hope you have a good day.

  1. Serious question- if under chapter I will speculate on possible future events, but only based on what we know from the already released part of the story (like maybe pairings of characters, or that the random noble man that just bumped into our MC will most likely turn into enemy later) and happen to be right about this, will this be considered spoiling and bannable offense?

    I mean I never read anything ahead because I am simply unable to- language barier- just wants to know if it is okay to try to guess what could happen in the future. Some events are pretty predictable, like when in harem story MC just happen to bump into this otherwordly beautifull maiden in trouble and save her ;p

    1. No, that is just speculation, guessing. That’s fine and is a lot of what the comment section is for. It’s not spoiling. Spoiling is reading ahead of what’s already been published here and telling others what happens.

  2. thanks for letting us know, its my 2nd favorite novel up here behind desolate era, n a tie with wdqk, looking foward to more chapters, keep up the great work plz

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