⚔️Talisman Emperor End of Book 3 and Red Storm End of Book 2🌀

TE Book 3 — The Path Of Revenge is finally done! Next up is two books of the same name(split by the author into part 1 and 2), Fearless Under The Heavens!!
Me and miraclerifle noticed the other day that RS had the same amount of chaps remaining as TE, so this joint post was born!! XD

So give some love to RS!! (rifle been crying he wants more readers :P)

Red Storm
RS Synopsis : In this world, strong warriors are needed in order to conquer the hot crimson desert. The Pareia Tribal-Chief’s first-born son, named Yulian Provoke, secretly gallops through the stormy deserts alone. Only to find someone of destiny – an otherworldly man that would change his fate forever. This same young child who struggles to find purpose while embodying both ambition and revenge into his very own hands as he awaits that faithful day of confronting a particular person that was, supposedly, the culprit of his blood-mother’s death. At first, he was alone; but then after, he forms the RED STORM division – a group of powerful warriors at his command – in hopes of Conquering the Desert, braving towards those who oppose him, and bringing great fortune to his tribe.

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Chapter 163

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.

    End of book 3, can’t wait for book 4. Oh, and I guess I’ll give Red Storm a go as well, since you guys planned this double post and all…

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