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So, well time to back up my maths in the latest chapter.

Truth be told, I don’t whip out my calculator and start going math professor every time numbers pop up because frankly, I feel my time is better used getting chapters out than checking to see if the author’s math checks out.

Below is the sentence concerned.


So we have the Li Clan that occupies 万亩 and a lake that occupies 千里 .

So firstly, I’ll list out the TL for each thing.

万 = 10,000

亩 = 1/15 hectares

千 = 1,000

里 = 0.5km

10,000/15 = 667(rounded)


So we have 667 hectares and 500km, and I know people will hound me for this so I might as well say that I used over 600 instead of 667 because it sounds better than the number 667 and provides the same meaning.

Alright so only way I see this being fixed is:
1) Assuming the author typo-ed repeatedly and meant instead of .

2) Assuming the author somehow was specific with one number and not with the other in a single sentence, and he didn’t mean as a specific number but to represent an extremely large number.


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  1. To be honest, after reading ED, where if a person walks one step the author says he moved millions of kms, I just started ignoring numbers at all. So I just think “a very big lake/city/whatever”

  2. LOL

    We could say “that doesn’t make any sense”, but the fact is we don’t care either! So, no need to back up your maths next time, but thanks for care about it.

  3. Um…mathematically speaking there’s still a problem…Your units don’t work. 🙂

    km is a measurement of linear distance. Hectares is a measurement of area. They aren’t the same thing.

    500km only tells us how long or how wide or how deep the lake is, it doesn’t tell us anything about how much area it covers, or how much volume it contains. You need more measurements to get those. To get area you need length and width, and the unit will be either an unit of area or a unit of distance squared.

    The simplest mistake is that it should be 500km squared, not just 500km.

    Distance is just the X axis, while area is X,Y axis.

    To give some idea how big these things are…

    1 hectare is a square 100 meters by 100 meters, containing 10,000 square meters.
    1 km squared is a grid of 10 hectares by 10 hectares, or 100 hectares.

    Therefore, 667 hectares is basically a box 6.7km by 6.7km, which is large for a district inside a city…though Wuxia cities tend to be insanely over sized at the best of times.

    As for the lake, if the mistake is just to forget to square the km…

    500 km squared is 50,000 hectares. It is also a box 500km by 500km. The entire island of Manhattan is only 59.1 km squared. 500km squared is about 90% of the size of the entire city of Chicago.

    1. ” 667 hectares is basically a box 6.7km by 6.7km”
      “500 km squared is […] a box 500km by 500km”

      Uh, that’s not how squares work.
      Square with a side of 500km means the area is 500×500=250000 km.
      You need to take a root of those numbers.

      667 hectares is 6.7 square km which means a square with a side of 2.5km.
      500 square km is a square with sides of 22.3km. Or a circle that’s 25.3km in diameter.

      Chapter’s math is still screwed, but you aren’t helping.

        1. There’s a big difference between “[X km] squared” and “X [square km]” and there definitely were some times of one being mistaken for another in there. Especially about hectares.

          1. Well I would just say …….. …….. ……. …. ………. ….. .. . …….stop calculating ……now reading this is making me confused…. ….😁😁

    2. For more fun math:
      If we take the lake size to mean “lake this wide”, then 500km wide lake is 19.6 million hectares in area.

      However a 500m wide lake would be just 19.6 hectares.

  4. Is that “千里” the same measure used for the range of the crossbows?
    I don’t have access to raws or read chinese to see myself, but you have both of those translated as 500km. Which is quiite a ridiculous range, for these power levels at least.

    Maybe the author just meant 500m and typoed it up in both cases? 500m gets them some superhuman quality – even modern crossbows are generally useful at like a tenth of the range. (They could send bolts that far, but it’ll be weak on arrival and with crap aim.)

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