⚔️Talisman Emperor — 59⚔️ Book 1 Ending Tomorrow! + Why TE Teasers Are How They Are!

Yup, that’s right! Book one is ending tomorrow!!!!

So I saw someone curious about why I don’t put a few paragraphs of the next chapter as a teaser and instead choose to use lines from anywhere in the chapter combined with a pic or gif. I thought I might as well address it here than just an individual comment. Well the reason is that I simply don’t feel that the start of a chapter would be suitable for every teaser. I prefer using something that would hint towards what will happen in the next chapter or just something that will keep people guessing, maybe even amuse people. Of course, if there’s a good cliff in the previous chapter, I MIGHT use the first few paragraphs as the teaser. XD

A final note to people who feel my teasers are spoilers: Are they really spoilers? Or are they motivation to find out the truth? Huehuehue. 😛

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Chapter 59

Talisman Emperor Glossary

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    1. I wonder why freeloaders complain so much….
      You can always subscribe to every Patreon on WW and not have to visit the site ever. But, oh wait! You’re too cheap so you just come here and cry like a baby.
      Get a life man.


          1. Why cant one talk shit about your favourite tler. Everyone has their likes and dislikes. Some just express it in different ways. Some uses mild words but the emotion they feel is boundless while some uses some pretty harsh words that they dont really mean. I seriously question your ability to make statements based on whats appropriate

          2. I always talk shit about him everytime he post shits like this . I thought that it would be an important announcement but yeah hes just talking shits again .

          3. Well its an overstatement to call it shit. Its just not as useful to people who do not read the novel as compared to those who do and it does seem annoying to people who dont read the novel

          1. Excuse me, what? Are you seriously saying that? Ive seen too many stupid comments like those classic “first” and the crap we have on atg and ed just to list a few. Does that count as your “talking about the novel” and yes, who would complain at qidian where everything is standardised unlike here where tlers can post a whole chunk of text as their post title which i think should be a feature that should be removed ASAP to prevent abuse

          2. Seriously,only him? Do you even believe what you just said? Some readers are already put off from this novel due to the clickbait as you can see from previous chapt posts. Are you really blind or is it that you ignore it just to make an inaccurate point

          3. well I was talking about now? Did you really just go look for the other posts?
            And seriously, how are those previous posts clickbait?

          4. And yes libon, he is saying that people in wuxia dont have a brain unlike the readers of qidian. way to go talismanapprentice

          5. well I really don’t get how taking 2 lines is a big deal when yesterday’s post of TE is still on that list…. So unless you slacked off for an entire day, it’s almost impossible you would miss anything; and if you did slack off for a day, then 1 line or 3 lines doesn’t make a difference. So why is everyone crying about chunk of text and pushing a few lines?

          6. I swear to god..youre so goddamn dumb. Well, even after he had recieved multiple negative feedbacks due to it, he still proceeds to repeat it. What does that show? Why would one repeat saying something that falls onto deaf ears. And do i really need to check how hated this translator is among those who doesnt read his novel since i previously clicked on the clickbait posts due to him writing something “serious”. Yes i know, you love the guy but that doesnt mean that whatever he does should not recieve criticism. Yes , one or three lines do make a difference. If all the translator wanted to be like this guy, we’d be filled with endless 3 or even four lined posts which is pretty stupid since their posts only affect their readers who would certainly click on their posts even without writing anything extra as a post title

          7. So you just selectively ignore the positive feedback? So what you’re trying to say is haters should be prioritized, yes? That is such a logical argument, I get why you feel you can call another dumb. It comes from experience, yes it does!

          8. Oh? There was one that said “thank you for the super and totally unnecessarily long post” find someone who doesnt read this novel but likes his super long and clickbait titles, then make your argument

      1. Though i agree that he should not be rude to the translator but dont you think that your suggestion is kind of…um…retarded. why would one be forced to donate to all just because he hates someone who keeps posting clickbait. Though i respect the work that Invader does, i too do not like the clickbaits like what sean usually does. As you can see, wxw has a lot of updates daily and theirs would take up multiple lines which may make one miss out on some post due to a long post title which is kind of acceptable for one to hate. Not bashing you for this but you too should not be overly biased in your criticism as he was just saying what he was thinking although a bit too rude but what youre doing is no different

        1. Oh, i only asked him to donate to all just to highlight the fact that he’s reading lots of novels for free on WW, and to stop being so entitled.
          Well I think the clickbaits Sean does and this are totally different, at least InVader does posts that actually mean something. I mean where else would he be able to notify people in such an effective way? I bet even more people would complain if he added the text at the beginning or end of a chapter. 🙂

          1. Theres a reason why translators are able to write things in their post. Yes i do agree that these do have meaning but i dont think this should compromise the site to other users that dont read the novel should they?

          2. Well, its those stubborn people like you that kills the fun… I’m sincerely happy that you are having fun, and btw, I also admire you, seeing you in taking every first place in WoC and having fun times chatting with the other reader. I don’t know that you are such a rude guy.

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