♟ WMW Chapter 879 ♟

1st chap of the day. And first of the month!

Ying: I’ve seen people asking why there’s a delay in the chaps… It’s kind of a delay (?) because I can’t afford to hang by my laptop all day and wait to post chapters (things to do, a life to lead, blah blah), so I combine them with another post if I know I definitely won’t be around to do it later. But don’t worry, definitely 3 chaps a day, as promised!

Chapter 879 | Chapter 880 (Teaser)

Translated by: Ying

Edited by: Theo

TLCed by: OMA, Trina

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  1. Hey, don’t mind the people or what they say, You’re churning out an almost unbelievable number of chapters each month, and frankly, if you want to release them by a schedule that works for you, we have no right to complain. All I can say is, thanks for the hard work

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