♟ WMW Chapter 861 ♟

Ying: Hi, my left eye hurts. Was washing my face and all of a sudden it hurt to blink 🙁 what do I do am I going to die

1st chap of the day.

Chapter 861 | Chapter 862 (Teaser)

Translated by: Trina

Edited by: Theo

TLCed by: OMA, Trina

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  1. Get ice in a bag and place it over your eye if its injured. You can also heat water, get the water in a bag and place it over your eye, this will relax your eye muscles, you can do this if something has gotten into your eye.

  2. Don’t die 🙁 If it necesary ask Pika if he/she can get you Shi Hao’s dual pupil eye. You’ll be able to see better than ever. Everything will have lag, thought.

  3. Whole eye or surface of your eye? If it’s the surface, that’s the sign of a detached retina and you need to go see a doctor fast while taping your eye shut.


  4. Might just be dry eye too. I get that if I look at screens for too long. And xlating = mass screen time–not to mention laser-like focus at the screen…
    Eye drops help

  5. 1. It could be because its to dry or dust grain got in your eye which lead to irritation
    Solution use eye drop *

    2. It could be your eyelashes getting inside your eyelid (bellow or bottom) common problem i see people meet. Solution: ask a friend to see your upper and lower eyelid inner part to see if there’s and eyelash got stuck in it, you should remove it with clean and smooth cloth/face tissue while looking for it in the mirror. (This hurts a little, trust me i am an expert)

    3. It could also be cause by mosquito/small bugs getting stuck in your eye. Happens to me during field survey in a forest and village area. do the step above. Mirror helps.

    * If your eye still hurts even after sleeping seek “medical help from a doctor”. It could be caused by bacteria or virus in water or air. Which also happens to me. Recover after 1-2 week of rest and staying out of dusty area. Note: when i go out i wear glasses for protection against dust during the period of ailment.

    U get better soon

  6. Im not a med practitioner myself , but i know some basics. First, you need a mirror. Get a couple of towels, a wash basin, some salt and luke warm water. Now place the salt in the basin and pour in the lukewarm water. Now this step is really important, stare into the basin with your eyes blinking fast. You should be close enough from the basin so your eyes can feel the heat. Close your eyes, and massage them gently. Does it still hurt? If yes, that means youve got an eye problem. Go to the doctor.

  7. You most definitely are going to die. Sorry to break it to you.

    The good news is, it’s most probably going to happen in the distant future. I also doubt it will have anything to do with an itchy or painful eye.

    Wait…………….maybe you’re a MC, in that case plot armor will save you. You also will probably become immortal in the end, so scratch the whole dying part.

    1. Don’t worry, maybe when he dies he’ll get to reincarnate into a martial world where you can cultivate.
      But hopefully that won’t happen anytime soon, I want to read wmw 🙁

  8. Thanks for the chapter!
    Also, I just found out that the web novels are being hosted by Qidian too. Is there going to be any action or a statement from OMA or Ren? If a legal action is underway, then why is it taking so long?

  9. Lower your screen brightness that’s the most likely culprit. I had the same thing happen because of looking at too bright screen for extended period of time. Also it won’t completely go away in a day or two even when you minimize using that eye. It will take like a week of taking care of it at best. Especially when you have to keep using your computer. Try closing that one eye with cotton and use your other eye but don’t tire that one eye too much either. Use eye drops on your good eye so the same won’t happen to that eye atleast.

  10. Ask anyone from the Okama nation to wink at you. Your eyes will immediately get cured XD

    On a more serious note, Jack has a declaration to make: Jack will no longer visit webnovels dot com. Jack shall sacrifice reading any novel which is exclusively hosted there, their modus operandi is courting death. Booooooo!

  11. Nobody here can correctly diagnose/treat you with full confidence, especially without your history (e.g. your age/sex, details of illness, medical history, family/social factors, etc.) and physical exam. While I’m sure many cases presenting like yours have resolved without intervention, you absolutely should go to a local physician if you have any concerns about your symptoms. Things to watch for in particular include:
    persistent/worsening swelling in the area
    inability to move the eyeball/ worse pain upon doing so
    changes in vision (blurry vision, double vision, vision loss, flashing spots, severe light sensitivity, etc.)
    signs of infection (purulent discharge, fever, etc.)
    Severe or persistent symptoms, related to your eye or otherwise

    -3rd year medical student

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