♟ WMW Chapter 820 – 821 ♟

Ying: OK I APOLOGISE FOR THIS SUPER DELAYED POST!!! I was supposed to post this before I went out this morning but I completely forgot… and because of some stuff I had to come home later than I’d planned… On top of that I’m going out again soon so I guess as an apology and to make things easier for all of us, I’m posting the 2nd chap of the day as well. Enjoy! And please don’t kill me.

1st and 2nd chap of the day.

Chapter 820 | Chapter 821 | Chapter 822 (Teaser)

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8 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 820 – 821 ♟” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Holy… man man man we really need to talk.. you punched out like what? 100 Chaptzers already this month? it fucking feels like it. And you have the guts to ask us for forgivness? Because of you we have servere withdrawal appearance now 🙂

    so every single chapter is enough. We can barely talk and speak because of your madnees now! you crushed us! throughly you MADMAN!

  2. It’s not us you’re offending by being late, it’s Lord Leylin by not spreading his life’s story at the appropriate rate.
    Just think about it, if chapters aren’t released, how will his followers keep faith? If his followers lose faith how can he maintain his divine force? HERESY!

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