♟ WMW Chapter 769 ♟

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Chapter 769

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  1. oh noes I’m already 6 chapters behind this day, and it keeps piling up! You GUYS are monsters!
    Thanks to all patrons, and especially to the hardworking team translating this AWESOME novel!

  2. What, do u think I’m a unreasonable person to ask for more chapters?!…*sigh* wmw team…I wouldn’t dare to ask for more chapters…but I’ll hope there’s more chapters~ #Difference
    Thank you!!!
    If I were god…I would’ve certainly rewarded you guys with immortality and stuff~

  3. Y’all and Wan-Lin Li (MGA) put out so many chapters each month. MGA gets 24 each week which is 96 per month. They used to do 28 per week which was insane.

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