3 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 586 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. The best possible outcome would be a 20-30 chapter mass release. To be honest, I don’t even see any other option there because if somebody voted for like “5-10 extra early access chapters per patron tier” that would be much worse than a mass release even for patrons. The reason why enhanced patron rewards were introduced was to delay the mass release due to OMA’s heavy workload. Other than that, I don’t see any reason for somebody to pick enhanced rewards over a mass release unless the number of chapters given by the former option is greater than the total number of chapters in the mass release e.g. “All tiers will have early access to extra 40 chapters” vs “Mass release of 30 chapters”(in this case the enhanced rewards are better).

  1. Chicos soy un pobre hispano hablante que estudió 3 meses el idioma de ingles y sufro para leer estas novelas maravillosas, así que por favor voten para que liberen los capítulos masivos y podamos disfrutar todos (sé que es injusto ya que nosotros no pagamos nada, pero no necesariamente por que no queramos, sino porque quizás tengamos no tenemos los medios para hacerlo.)

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