♟ WMW Chapter 583 ♟

3 chapters will resume tomorrow.

Tidbit: So, explanation on why we held 3-chapters-a-day back: We dropped right from near 4400 to near 3500 in the span of a day, and faced a couple fraud cases on Patreon. Anyhow, we wanted to wait and see what sort of mess was going on. Thankfully, it fixed itself quick. Thanks for understanding, guys.

4th chapter of the week, and a preview for the next chapter.

Chapter 583 | Chapter 584 (Teaser)

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12 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 583 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Resume you ment we will get first 3 chaps form tomorrow not today? Cause till now we didint get them at all. And what about the 12 chapters form last month (time form when we hit 4k till 1st of may)? Will we get them or not? Also for future pls get better at communicating with us 🙂
    THX for chap!

    1. Please read all the posts….when the goal was reached itself he said that it will start from the 1st of may cos hes slammed with exams or something…..and he also said in the last post that its not started cos the goal went down……do read all of them before bashing him man hes doing a great job

    2. Hitting 4k last month doesn’t matter unless instant billing is on, which I don’t think it is for WMW. That’s because Patreon bills everyone at the start of the month. So, even though it said last month that over 4k was pledged, that wouldn’t take effect until this month.
      Plus, a lot of people will cancel their subscriptions every month or not pay for some other reason, so it’s very common for Patreons to get less than was actually pledged every month.
      I hope that helps clear this process up a bit for you.

      1. WMW has “Charge Up Front” feature on, so OMA got 4k last month and 4k this month, hence the question. However, I believe, OMA said in advance that he wouldn’t switch from 2 to 3 chapters before the 1st day of the following month, which is May in this case. At the moment the pledges amount to 4.1k.

      2. thing is, its charge up front, and alot of people pay for 1 month at a time if they want to, thats why it went from 4500 to 3500 , only toke 1 day to get back to 4000 again because ppl had to re-patron , i mean we waited 2 weeks that we paid for and oma couldnt wait 2 days ….

    1. If you mean the previous milestone ? it already happened and was published last month. If you mean the current milestone then it depends on what the paterons vote on in the pole that will happen.

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