♟ WMW Chapter 582 ♟

Chapter 3 of the week, and a preview for the next chapter.

Chapter 582 | Chapter 583 (Teaser)

Edited by Theo

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Patreon amount dropped drastically the 3 daily chapter milestone after the latest cycle, hence we’ll keep to 2 daily chapters until milestone has been achieved.

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  1. probably because the milestone was achieved last months but the quota was started to be released from this month, people might have thought you won’t have time for 3 chapters a day. I am just guessing…

    1. For me, it’s because I paid $20.00 + tax a week ago, and Patreon still expects me to cough out another $20.00 on the 1st of every month? Nope. Patreon should charge on a monthly cycle established around the date of the first payment. I refuse to pay $40.00+ within 7 days for a $20.00 subscription, and I’m disappointed in Patreon for wiping my rewards after such a short amount of time.

  2. While I understand your disappointment at that, should you not then release the promised 20 bonus chapters from the previous milestone instead ??

    1. Dear Tkstein,

      They have been released at the start of April, with the bonus chapters being 501 – 520. The first of the bonus chapters was released on the 2nd of April, as you can see here. http://www.wuxiaworld.com/%E2%99%9F-wmw-chapter-501-%E2%99%9F/ The last was released on the 4th of April.

      Here, you can see that we’ve kept to our promise of 20 bonus chapters after we met our goal. http://www.wuxiaworld.com/category/warlock-of-the-magus-world/page/8/

  3. One way or the other, I thank you for the translations! That said, here are my two cents on the issue:

    While I can understand and sympathise with the reaction to the decline in donations that became apparent only with the arrival of this month, the “3 chapters a day” milestone was reached almost 2 weeks ago. Moreover, the original description didn’t specify that the benefits of the milestone come into effect only at the beginning of the next month, and neither did it mention that reached milestone can be removed if the donations drop.

    In other words, regardless of the current state of donations, the translator owes nearly 2 weeks worth of “3 chapters a day” to everyone who had contributed toward the temporarily obsolete milestone even if it is never reached again. After all, the patrons in question did pay the last month’s donation—some of them explicitly toward the promised benefits—only to be asked for the next month’s donation before they get to see those benefits.

    This could have rather undesirable consequences. The least problematic is very likely, and it’s an overall decline in donations (i.e., more current patrons leave, and / or potential patrons are discouraged). While the most problematic, albeit not very likely, is that Patreon allows for application of law where this constitutes a legal liability.

    1. It doesn’t say that in the description of the patreon but this rule has been put into effect for every patreon goal that’s been reached. Also. Please be logical here. It can’t be expected for the translator to immediately be prepared to meet goals, with the speed of the goals being reached. Being given time till the next month is acceptable. He’s not a god as much as he sometimes seems to be. It’s controversial that he’s not going to give us the rewards but it’s also controversial that patrons are only paying up to the goal for one month, essentially ripping off the translator. Eh.. I would prefer he just gives us the rewards now because I’m sure the money would go back over the goal relatively quickly and it would promote good will with his patrons but like I said he’s justified.

      1. Um ignore the above comment of mine. I realized I was being a little ignorant and I didn’t read your comment thoroughly enough but I couldn’t edit it fast enough. ‘-; and now I really can’t be bothered to remake my point. Suffice to say that in my opinion based on the limits of the translator, the speed the goals are being met, and the fact that it’s inherent in the goals that the payments to him are to be monthly, not a one time thing, OMA is justified in what he’s doing. Gah. Hope I don’t totally look like a nimrod right now. At the same time though, no matter who is justified, you’re still probably pissing off a lot of people right now OMA.

      2. You say “be logical”, but if you think about it, the 12 additional chapters—if we count 21 per week instead of 14 per week—that would have been released during those almost two weeks must have been translated for the highest echelon of Patrons who are privy to up to 25 chapters in advance.

        Also, I suspect you missed my point there. The issue isn’t that the translator wished to start only with the next month, it’s that the next month has come and the benefits associated with the milestone no longer apply. Not even for the period of almost 2 weeks during which they should have applied, but didn’t because the translator took a grace period until the end of the month—which consequently no longer applies now that the “3 chapters a day” milestone is (temporarily) moot.

        I merely highlighted the issue and brought up possible consequences that may or may not have crossed the translators mind when they decided to leave it until the milestone is reached again.

        PS: No problem, I’m glad we’re on the same page now.

        1. Right. Thanks for the conversation. Sorry, again if I acted condescending I have a hard time telling sometimes. I have to say you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum of humanity from the one I most encounter, the one that makes me despair because people are so dumb or cruel lol. (Not to say I don’t act like that sometimes, I just think there are a lot of people who do it all the time, without remorse).

  4. People are sensitive to promises and pledges. If you’re gonna go back from your words just because the circumstances changes, you’re literally inviting the unwanted.

  5. OMA you need to be patient you can’t just threaten people like this the moment the donation drops… Besides you owe people atleast 2 weeks of 3 chapter release if you want to be really technical about this… Acting like this won’t get you more donations it will instead turn people against you… You may be disappointed but do you realise how many people you are disappointing back? People were waiting for this moment for half a month… Besides it’s not such a drastic fall it’s only under your goal by 150$ and yet you think treating people like this, forcing them for more money is the way to go? Rise peoples awareness instead of immediatelly punishing them… Do a week or two of 3 daily release and see how it goes and decide after that… Do this and people will be on your side instead of against you and at that point they will support your decision of dropping the quota if it still stays under the goal… Childish is the only word i can find to describe what you have done OMA, i hope this won’t backfire and cause more drop in the donations in the meantime…

    1. *but we had 4k for 2 weeks*
      ^ Is a stupid statement!

      People only get billed at the start of each month, the 4k+ never actually happened.
      Why should OMA / the WMW team do 21/ week if the goal wasn’t reached?

      1. Besides:
        ~20% pulled their money cause they don’t want to pay but stil get all the perks. Is OMA supposed to be happy about this attitude?

        1. That’s not exactly the point. Fine if it didn’t happen, the current updates is still good. But he should have double checked before posting anything and when he took the 21 per week back, he didn’t explain it well. All he said is that it’s money matter. People, especially those who truly pay, misunderstood. That’s why we’re in this current argument.

          1. We hit 4k agian, and just so you know both of you were wrong but im too lazy to explain just pls read up on the way it is on OMA patreon and that the pay as you pledge (so the day you do it bills you) works.

          2. True, he didn’t post much about it.
            (yes, that’s BAD)

            But that’s kind of how OMA operates: 99% attention on translating, 1% on everything else.

      2. I believe the first time you register, you will get billed then? Subsequent billings will be at the start of the month. This is in reference to Julsmul comment on
        May 2, 2017 at 6:03 am.

  6. Damn dropping bombs like that really makes people withdraw their monthly subscription in addition to the fact that 3c/d was really late. I guess if i was oma and im not into doing 3 chapters a day i would wait for the end of the month just to see how many people subbed just for the 20 bonus chapters.

    1. There is and was no 20 chap bonus,the 4k milestone only gives 3 chaps per day and an additional reword that the parteon donators will have to chose but since the donations droped below 4k its back to 2 chaps per day in short 🙁

        1. @Noxar, the milestone rewards are given only after the patreons are charged. I am not sure of now, but patreons are usually only charged in the beginning of the month.

  7. I agree with @Shadow . Since the 3 chaps a day milestone was reached and I think patreon has already charged the members for it, you should fulfill the promise you gave for this month. You can turn back to 2 chaps a day in the next month if the milestone for 3 chaps is not reached again this month.
    Unless you didn’t get the donations for the milestone, its a different matter then as that would mean that milestone was reached but the patreons cancelled their support before they were charged.

    For the sake of viewers, please explain what happened.

    PS: Warlock of the Magus World is among the top 3 novels for me 🙂

    1. That’s the whole point: many patreons pulled out BEFORE they got charged.

      Nobody drops out at the beginning of a month, but there are always some that pull their pledge at the last minute before they get billed (aka at the end of the month).

      I mean we are talking about ~20% of all patreons here.

      But you are right: a post explaining it in more detail to everyone here would be a great idea.

      1. Not realy you can pledge useing for instance PayPal but if you have insufficient funds for the next month on the first of the month the billing proces gets interupted. And belive me some ppl can forget to send some money to their “debit card” or paypal.

      2. @Michigo Noxar said that OMA has a charge up front policy since a month ago, I am not sure exactly but it might mean that the patreons were charged up front.

  8. 1. Promise people that there will be 3 chapters a day for 4000$ per month
    2. Reach $4000 goal
    3. Take money ( over 4000$ )
    5. milestone was reached almost 2 weeks ago but we didn’t get 3 chapters a day
    6. Come up with a silly excuse – Patreon amount dropped drastically..so 2 daily chapters
    7. Profit


    PS. There is no point 4

        1. I think not jumping to conclusions is a good idea for everyone, there already is an explanation 😉 You literally could have just waited 1 hour with judging so harshly somebody, no reason to throw around that negativity, there’s already enough of that in this world, have a good evening 🙂

  9. OK so lets skip the “Shit Storm of Confusion”, and get to the point of what we know:
    1. We dropped below 4k on 1st of May but after just 24h we are back with the milestone reached so we could at worst lose 1 chapter this month (personaly im ok with that).
    2. We hit the 4k goal last month and OMA wanted some time before he could start relesing those additional chapters, and we dont know if you will get the additional chapters for those days (12 in total) or if he just wanted to start to relese the 3 chaps a day since this month (disregarding the ones he owes us).
    3. We now are sure OMA needs to get better at communicating with us, since its not good for either side.

    Sory for my eng its my 3rd language.

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