♟ WMW Chapter 570 ♟

Ying: Haha not really surprised that everyone’s rooting for the Emberwings, especially since we’ve learnt so much about them. How about another question! Who is the character you wish could have hung around but instead died because of… reasons…?

Chapter 7/14 for this week, and a preview for the next chapter.

Chapter 570 | Chapter 571 (Teaser)

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  1. Hmmm I cannot remember her name, but the girl Leylin passed down the Sacred Flame technique to that ended up dying with baelin and the others. She somewhat reminds me of characters from other things, so I know most people won’t think much of her since she didn’t have much impact on the greater story, but I still liked her.

    Bit of a side question, but whatever happened to Miranda? I know she clearly lost out to Freya in terms of getting with Leylin but I’ve not heard much of her in a while. It would be nice to see some of the main girls in the clan advance to at least morning star especially Freya since she’s looking like the mother to be for Leylin’s kids. As much as he and his bloodline is OP it would be nice to see her get some sort of crazy powerful inheritance so that the kids they have, will be demon-level genuises.

    Plusssss if she’s weak she will probably be killed, caught, enslaved, experimented on or simply abandoned in the story. I’d like to see more of her so she’s in desperate need of a power up.

    1. +1 for Freya power up , i mean Leylin finally found someone willing to sacrifice so much for him and clearly loves him so it will be bad if Freya was forgotten so she needs a power up too.

  2. This is probably a bit preemptive but we all know that Freya is going to be tossed to the side soon enough, or at least shoved very far into the background.

  3. I was interested in baelin’s biobooster capablities, so probably him. And Aaron’s persona was nice, while the other girl with the sacred flame was also likeable.
    Basically, the sacred flame trio lol.

  4. I kinda liked the branded salve knights that he had, but I realize that they were meant to be expendable. Baelin was cool with his unique abilities and utter devotion made him into a likable character, to bad he was needed for the fate/ luck coin. Seems like he could make some Harry Potter luck potion ( if it existed in this universe) with his mad skills. I’m hoping that Freya won’t die or be forgotten, but it seems like she will. 🤔 So mostly future Freya😩.

  5. Anyone know what happened to that one girl from when Leylin was still an acolyte. The one that was experimented on and became disfigured with tough skin who had to become a magus to fix her appearance. I feel like she was mentioned so much in the story early on then she just disappeared without even killing her off or seeing if she fixed her issue. I thought she was going to end up being important but guess not since that whole area seems to have been abandoned by the story already.

  6. I really didn’t think he was going to murder the child of destiny in front of everyone for a coin to flip for coin toss decisions. Also his wife is totally getting amberwinged, that new cultivation method that’s going to let her pop right into morning star to then pop babies out. All of this just to have his own organization. Blood just tends to betray less often. Especially when your the strongest of your “race” (mage type).

    1. The goody two shoes Robin nicked by his own nephew! The author has forgotten about him. His name was last mentioned in 485, he was beside Leylin and they’re planning to take Noah into HQ. In 486, Noah died because of Toxic Bile and he was beside Leylin. Author forgot to include “and Robin” or mention Robin’s instant teleportation.

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