♟ WMW Chapter 569 ♟

Ying: Does anyone remember the Ying corner from hundreds of chapters back where I asked how our readers pronounced “Magus” and “Magi”? Here’s another question for our newest chapter– Who would you prefer to win this battle? (Excluding the Kemoyin Warlocks!)

Chapter 6/14 for this week, and a preview for the next chapter.

Chapter 569 | Chapter 570 (Teaser)

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7 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 569 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. I would like to see the Magi win for once (Jupiter Lightning).

    That would result in them becoming an even stronger opponent for Leylin, making his inevitable MC victory more meaningful.

    The emberwing leader SEEMS to be doomed, but a win for his side would put him in potential ally/ partner role to Leylin, aka my favourite outcome.

  2. For me it’s emberwing, it allows leylin to maintain his relationships within the empire, and we will have a showdown with the radiant moon magus of jupiters lightning later anyway,

    I really wanted to root for the elementals, just to be c*ntravercial but we barely know them and so we’d have to whip out a massive stack of background to justify working with them, or have leylin suffer a loss on this world neither of which really appeal after we’ve just built up the emberwing race’s background

  3. The Elementals should rule this world; they are one with the nature after all! Also, they were able to fool Atlan Union to a certain extent; imagine if they use someone dispensable but stronger than Loke.

  4. Emberwing of course! Jupyter’s Lightning is making the wrong decision over and over again, and their leader seems really weak. Divineflame Empire is more or less unknown…

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