♟ WMW Chapter 453 – 455 ♟

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There will now be 14 regular chapters/week, starting from next week.

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Here’s chapters 15-16/16 for this week, and a sponsored chapter! 🙂

Chapter 453 | Chapter 454 | Chapter 455

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4 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 453 – 455 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. YAY! 14 chapters a week! So great. This is my favorite book. So logical and scientific. Other books, while still being good, can be similar to the children of destiny arc (from their point of view). Predictable and cheesy. Thanks so much. So happy that a great book has a great, committed translator. Tis truly an exponential effect for the enjoyment of the readers.

  2. Guys wth someone changed the description in novelupdates.com to; ”Hitler is not a warmanger” WUT?! The old description wasn’t too good either but wth is with this? New readers won’t even get a clue from this! Wth is ”Hitler is not a warmanger?” supposed to even be? Who would put this up as a description for WMW?! This is really strange… Maybe OMA can talk to the novelupdates.com and make them fix it idk?

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