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  1. Just a question, but did OMA change the patreon goal after it hit 2000$ (I thought it was 2 chapters per day + 25 chapters.)? It seems like OMA just copied the 2000$ goal and made it the 2500$ goal … Did I just remember it wrong?

    1. You are almost correct. This is what OMA had on his website until $2k milestone was reached(like 1-2 days ago).
      $2000 Milestone:
      The number of regular chapters will increase to 14 chapters a week.
      2 regular chapters per day is guaranteed.

      Additional reward: A bonus of 20 chapters will also be released!
      Since “charge up front” method is employed in OMA’s patron system, the rewards, which are mentioned above, will have to be released …. like tomorrow(at least for the patrons because they have early access) because OMA has already got $2000+ as of today. This means that OMA would have to mass-release 20 translated chapters and 2 regular chapters every day starting from tomorrow. Considering how fast the $2k milestone has been reached and how much work will be needed to translate those extra 20 chapters, OMA changed the milestone rewards after it has been reached. I bet many patrons wanted those 20 extra chapters really bad, so I don’t know why OMA changed things up so suddenly.

      1. They could just say we have reached the goal but our schedule is too tight and the goal has been reached quicker than we have anticipated so we will need another week or two before we can release 20 mass chapters, but instead they choose to remove the option of 20 chapters and put it up to $2500 as a seperate goal which makes no sense…

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