♟ WMW Chapter 339 – 341 ♟

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Chapter 339 | Chapter 340 | Chapter 341

Translated by OMA and Ying
Edited by Alanade and Snapdragon

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9 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 339 – 341 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. 6 chapters in a row ?!?
    nice !!!
    thanks a lot & MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

    Ps –
    MC is sharp & cynical as ever. Glad to see him at lvl2 again. Good for him. Bad for Céline. But story still so exciting. I wonder how far he will be able to push forward, now that he got back his full power. In a while, after having destroyed/took over the ressources from the mid-level guild, and having stabilize his new guild as a midlevel guild, by settling the “self defense” case with the 9 elders, he is probably going to explore the ice cave again. Also, he may find a new ressource within that midlevel guild, like another meditation technique or some level 2 spells, or another kind of research material. I wonder which it will be ?
    By the way, I think u noticed too, he now hold on 4 lvl1 magi.
    – Celine
    – the old magus
    – the spider-man
    – the mole
    I guess, he should also take over the surviving mages from the other guild.

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