♟ WMW Chapter 300 – 304 ♟

The big 3! 300 chapters translated! It wasn’t an easy task, don’t let those other tl monsters on this site fool you!

This will also be the final release in the race I’m in against Etvolare, for a total of 13 chapters this week, which would normally be a month’s worth of regular chapters.

Kudos to her for taking up the challenge promptly, which made us translate even faster than before to whet the voracious appetites of our readers.

As mentioned before, do check out two of her awesomely translated novels. Sovereign of The Three Realms as well as the Great Demon King!

ANDDDDDD here are big 5 fat chapters for all of you! Muahhh <3

Chapter 300 | Chapter 301 | Chapter 302 |Chapter 303 |Chapter 304

Translated by Ying and OMA
Edited by Alanade and Snapdragon and Ash
PR/TLC by Vare and OMA


Current amount of sponsored chapters: 19 (UNBELIEVABLE?!)

If the total number somehow hits 30, I’ll throw in 3 bonus chapters in lieu of the 300th chapter released.

Event: Temporary decrease of $60 to $40 in the donations bar
Duration: 11/6 – 11/12 – A day and half to go

*All sponsored chapters will be posted only after the 12th of November*

Chapter releases will resume on Monday!


16 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 300 – 304 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Ayyyyy, congratulations on 3 freaking hundred chapters milestone! Its a great novel and leylin is the best demon king ever. Thanks for the hard work team!

    P.S: Great Demon King is also really good! Thanks for showing it to me!

      1. Isn’t that a picture of Lelouch? Technically speaking he became an emperor. And technically speaking more, he wasn’t a bad dude. Shit just didn’t work out. Course, it threw in a completely inane plot shift just cuz.

  2. Well, you are right.
    Right about the “voracious appetites of our readers”. 😀

    But tbh:
    This does depend on the story, and WMW as well as SOTR are great picks!

  3. Thank you Ying, OMA, Alanade, Snapdragon, Ash and Vare for blessing us with this huge multiple chapters release.
    Wishing you all a well merited full resting weekend! See ya on Monday or Tuesday!

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