♟ WMW Chapter 296 – 299 ♟

I would like to thank all my readers for patiently waiting and encouraging us as we push to get these chapters out. Here are 4 chapters for you awesome people!

Are we still in the lead? xD

Chapter 296 | Chapter 297 | Chapter 298 |Chapter 299

Translated by Ying
Edited by Alanade and Snapdragon and Ash
PR/TLC by Vare and OMA


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      1. Oh, I’m fine with the chicken sizzler meal, with the extra cheese and hasbrown and special mayo sauce. Really hope that there aren’t any douchebags there though.

        So DMR, anything new you’re reading?

        1. I’m currently binge reading World of Cultivation.
          I dropped it previously due to excessive usage of “weeaboo” terms like shidi, shijie etc. Be prepared for a whole bunch of untranslated words…

          1. Ah, I sort of dropped it because of the “Oh, I forgot about that, let’s just stop any development and turn it into a small plot device, sorted” type of spoiler.

            I didn’t mind the shidi etc, it’s like the “fellow daoist” terms etc. In the east, face/reputation, is important and a completely different culture to quite a few of us, so we tend to complain/not understand the excessive use of it. Imagine japanese salary-men, with their bosses, they’re yes men, who are kind of like slaves. It’s sort of that hierarchical system. No idea why I’m explaining it poorly and in a wall of text, it just means there are less… Low standards, for lack of a better term. Probably more repression, but first world problems are great!

  1. Wait…why did you keep chapter 300? I wont believe it if you say that its not ready…
    Is it an act of brutality? Are you waiting for SOTR to close the gap and then finish them up? So cruel…
    Well there is a chance of it ending like the rabbit and tortoise story….
    Lol anyway thx for the chapters
    Btw did read a bit of GDK(30chaps) after your recommendation and yeah leylin makes a better demon king…. But still im the best demonking

          1. volaretranslations.com

            And there is no way SOTR will win. SOTR used to be ahead in chapters but fell behind.
            OMA is a machine, reminds me of the OMAC robots in the Bat cave from DC Universe Online

  2. It’s too late…

    On Gravity, “Ancient Strengthening Technique” has already reached chapter 300 before both of you..

    It slapped you guys in the face by doing a ninja attack..


  3. Have faith in AI Chip, gain eternal life. When AI Chip appears, who dares to cause strife!
    Dear Friends, many thanks to the Author, Translator(s), (Editors), (Donors) for the awesome chapter! With lots of love, Jack

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