♟ WMW Chapter 265 – 266 ♟

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Here’s Chapter 265 and Chapter 266

Translated by OMA and Ying
Edited by Alanade and Snapdragon


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  1. So are you sure that you translated his new stat values for chapter 266 right? Because it seems like only his spiritual force and magical power have increased while the values for his strength, agility, and vitality remained the same as they were when you listed them in chapter 258 after his last power-up. I mean you’d think that all of his stats would increase dramatically after becoming a rank 2 warlock.

  2. thank you for the chapter, but there this A.I chip thing that Annoys me every time i read it, we did say that the chip was corporal and after the reincarnation,turned instead in his soul domaine rather than physically, so stating it as just the A.I sounded better rather than the “A.i chip” and would be much more appreciated.
    again thank you for the effort put into translating this novel!

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