♟ WMW Chapter 188 ♟

OMA? Old Maiden Association?! Whatever, I’ve overthrown the granny now. THIS IS YING TAKING OVER nyahahahahahaha

This is the second regular chapter of the week!

Here’s Chapter 188.

Translated by Miki
Edited by Azure


7 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 188 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Thank you Ying, Miki, Azure and OMA!
    Ying, please take care of the granny! Younger people sometimes forgets how useful are the old ones…

  2. Ah well…

    I will still fondly think of my grandmother (who passed away recently) whenever I see OMA.
    Since Oma means grandmother (grootmoeder) in Dutch.

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