♟ WMW Chapter 185 ♟

Special thanks to Alex Roberts (USA) for their generosity. Please join me in showing our appreciation for them if you enjoyed this chapter!

184 was cliffhanger-ish, but I hope some are still alive to read this heuheuhe…

Here’s Chapter 185

Translated by Ash and Devil82
Edited by Alanade
PR/TLC by OMA and Ying


16 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 185 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. WTF! NO HOIW CAN OYU DO THIS PLEASE.. please this cliuff is so painfull please tell me there will be a ninja release why.. why did you do this!
    ahhhh the PAIN!

  2. Thank you Ash, Devil82, Alanade, OMA and Ying for translating the chapter!
    And thank you for translating the next one ASAP, we just can’t wait our «clever boy» to either become a woman with an A.I. chip or to obliterate the Old Witch and her daughter!

  3. a damn worst cliffhanger, if my bank account wasn’t so low, i would have sponsored to have next ASAP, will be waiting calmly

    thanks a lot for those translation to OMA, his team and the sponsors making it possible for me to have so much to read

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