♟ WMW Chapter 182 ♟

Last regular chapter of the week~

Ying: It seems like many of our readers have a different pronunciation of the word ‘Magi’ in different languages and cultures. This is extremely interesting as I personally pronounce it as ‘Mah-Gi'(Gi in ‘give’)

Here’s another version by our own Devil82 — 马鸡
It’s pronounced as mah-jee in hanyu pinyin but when translated, it means horse chicken… literally…

Here’s Chapter 182

Translated by Ying and OMA
Edited by Alanade


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  1. If you’re translating to English, does it matter how to say it in other languages other than English?

    Or Should it not be pronounced by the language it comes from originally?

    Coincidentally*, both the original word and the English pronunciation is the same: meɪdʒaɪ in IPA format.

    Saying meɪdʒaɪ would be the same as calling the Philosopher Confucius, Confucius and all the other Chinese names the that were butchered for us by making them more Latin-y and

    *It’s not a coincidence, at all.

  2. I pronounce it the same, Mah-Gi (Gi as in give), originally I pronounced it as Ma-Gi (Magic without the C). But with the anime and manga Magi releasing before I knew it I had changed the way I pronounce it.

  3. Actually the word Magi (plural) come from the Greek word Μάγοι which means Magicians and is pronounced ‘Mah-Gi'(Gi in ‘give’). So thats the “right” one.

    1. That’s false.

      Magus/Magi are Latin, marked by the -us suffix changing to -i.

      It’s also not taken from Greek. It’s taken from Latin, which has the exact same spelling of Magus/Magi
      Additionally it comes from the Roman title for Zoroastrian priests. Although the Greeks encountered the religion and priest prior to the Romans the word is still in the Latin style.

      Pronouncing the Word “Magi” as ‘mah-gi’ would be the same as seeing the World “Volcanic” and pronouncing it “Hephaestean.”

      If it were Greek we’d call them Magos and Magaea

  4. I pronounce it mah-gi (gi as in give) because that’s how we pronounce “magi” in my language,,

    Btw, is there any chapter release on Saturday and Sunday?

    1. I am unsure of what your language is, but let’s say it’s one of the Romance Languages. When you see the term “A.I.” in English, would you also read it as “I.A.” because that’s what it’s abbreviated to in other languages?

      For me when I read in non-native languages I don’t find myself replacing foreign words for English one, it seems strange to do so.

  5. Hey,
    I just noticed something, the author is Chinese, and probably knows this weird translation.
    This does explain a lot on why our MC is as powerful as a «horse», and as courageous and vile as a «chicken»!

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