♟ WMW Chapter 181 ♟

Inquiring Ying I: How are our WMW readers pronouncing ‘Magi’?  May-gi? Meh-gi? Meh-ji? Mah-gi? Maggi Mee?

Queue cleared!

Special thanks to Tom in ‘t Veld (Netherlands), Peter Stoeckner (Germany), Billy Flores (USA) for their generosity. Please join me in showing our appreciation for them if you enjoyed this chapter!

Here’s Chapter 181

Translated by Ying and OMA
Edited by Alanade


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  1. I pronounce it like Ma from magic and Gi from gift..
    Btw if you have editor, it’s gonna be 4 people… Why not change OMA to FMA… You can graduate from grandma at least…. And to be alchemist

    LOL, just kidding, grandma is the best 🙂

  2. My mother language is spanish and I pronounce it like it was a word in spanish (I don’t do that with all words but this one I think is pronounced that way).

    I don’t know how should be pronounce in english and if you don’t know how it sound in spanish you can check google translator. I think in english should be “mah gi” with the accent mark in the A “máhgi”.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!
    Good luck with the selection 😉 (How envies I am for people that can apply)

    I pronounce Magi as Mah-gi (if you have an Ipad, enable pronouncements and in the Japanese pronounction select the male voice – than highlight the word Magi and listen to the Japanese version…that’s how I pronounce it)

    Hellish login…had to login three times, had a crash of my safari six time before I could commet :/

  4. I always pronounce it as two syllables, with the first always being Mah, but the second fluctuating between Gi (As in the martial arts uniform) and Gee (as in the pronunciation of the letter G)

    1. uh. no. That’s engrish. Asking someone that doesn’t know English, or the Latin the word comes from, on how to pronounce a word is like asking Fidel Castro for tips on establishing a Democracy.

    1. For me it’s
      May-gi(giant) with a soft g
      Mag-nus(rhyming with bus) with a hard g
      Magus and Magnus, both the same but for an n in my book

  5. Magi – Pronounced as “ma” like in magazine & “gi” like in giant. (Mah-jie)

    Magus – Pronounced as “may” like the month & “gus” like gust without the letter ‘t’. (May-gus)

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