♟ WMW Chapter 178 ♟

First regular chapter of the week 🙂

Here’s Chapter 178

Translated by Ying, Edited by Ash, PR/TLC by OMA


* For readers who wish to contribute — WE NEED YOU! As much as we’d like to churn out more content for our readers, we’re currently short-staffed, despite the recent mass release. We’re currently looking for editors who are responsible enough to maintain consistency of glossary terms (It’s a b*tch!) and have a keen eye for grammatical or logical errors. [Find out more here]

For others who wish to contribute in different ways, drop us your ideas and we might very well implement them! *

Edit: For those who have submitted your applications, this granny needs a couple of days to vet through before giving you a reply heh.

12 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 178 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Still, why don’t we have some kind of community edits, where you just switch from normal edits to the best community edit (ofc. everyone could edit his own ver. and there would have to be a rating system) I know the idea is good but the realization a bit harder to do. Still would take off a load for the editors!

  1. Thank you Ying, Ash and OMA for all the hard work.
    Best wishes on finding a new editor.

    Maybe this is a very bad idea, but would it not be awesome that Podao does the editing while you contribute on helping translating GOR?
    He really does fit the editor’s profile and seems to be currently doing all the work by himself on GOR.
    Not quite sure if such collaboration would alleviate him some work or increase it instead though.
    As the idiom says : it never hurts to ask.

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