♟ WMW Chapter 177 ♟


Shoutout to our team that had been pushing for the chapters day and night and of course, our generous donor, Jusaz.

I don’t know if the past 12 chapters counts as a mass release, but I’m sure y’all enjoyed the releases~

Anyhow, the granny and gang are victorious again. Bring it on, hah!

Here’s Chapter 177

Translated by Devil82 and Ying
Edited by Ash


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  1. Thanks for the chapter!! I definitely consider this a huge mass release, thanks for the amazing work Plainboxes (Ying), OMA, Devil82, and I’m not sure if anyone else helped translate but if they did massive thanks to them as well! Thanks for the crazy donation Jusaz!

  2. Wow. Thanks Jusaz!

    We probably won’t see a burst like that again for quite a while. And there’s probably a translator or two and maybe an editor or proofreader who are very tired right now.

    1. Well, I think I’m broke for now. I need to save up some months in order to do this again. Haha

      Great Work Devil82, Ying, Ash and OMA. Truly a great story and translation.

      It was a truly enjoyable mass release.

      1. Many thanks for your contribution, i really enjoy this novel and it is because of you that i got to enjoy it more!
        once again, thank you very much
        (and to the team of course for not refusing the challenge)

  3. So I just realized he must have donated $720 dollars. Holy shit thank you so much Jusaz. Also thank you Oma, Ying and Ash for doing the work. And just like in general….

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