♟ WMW Chapter 175♟

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Here’s Chapter 175

Translated by Ying and OMA
Edited by Ash


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  1. Omg! Wow! I a,so glad I started reading this series and you guys are so proactive in responding to sponsors! Very standout from every translator group in WW. Thank you so much! You guys are making my vacation extremely enjoyable! Love you guys!

  2. How many chapters is that for today? This is insane! Thank you so much, to the awesome translation team – Ying, OMA and Ash – as well as to the amazing sponsor, Jusaz!

  3. Jusaz thank you thank you so damn much man.. I .. I am really.. *sight*

    Thank you soo much I appreciate every single € you spended on this project thank you so much.

    And Thanks to the translation group you are all so f*cking amazing! really you are so f*cking amazing.. even I feel touched and inclined too donate too you after seeing how aggressive you react too sponsors.. and I only ever sponsored 200 Bucks for Stellar Transformation.

  4. i dont know if i have commented again on this novel..
    i have to say that its one of my favourites so far in this site
    AAAAND to Jusaz, wether you will read this or not, thank you for that donation you are awsome man
    though that is not enough its the most i can do . so once again thnx for this , i love this novel

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