♟ WMW Chapter 170 ♟

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‘Message from Ying: Why is OMA getting all the credit! I did half the work! Half!’

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Here’s Chapter 170

Translated by Plainboxes (Ying) and OMA
Edited by Alanade


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  1. Thank you Lord for blessing the people named Plainboxes (Ying) and OMA with the power of translation; Alanade for the power of editing and Sponsor God Jusaz for his kind-hearted nature. I request to continue your work for the community of readers.
    Hope this blessing gets those chapters out fast… ?

  2. Sorry Ying for not noticing you.

    But just a simple question: why on earth did you learn the ‘Seventy-Two Transformations’ from you brother Ning (Desolate Era) and hide yourself in as ‘plain boxes’ ?

    I am a mere mortal and even the cultivators of the F5 sect won’t be able to find out (quote from DE Book 15 Chapter 2) :
    “Even True Immortals and Empyrean Gods will be unable to detect me,” Ning said confidently. The ‘Seventy-Two Transformations’ was no ordinary divine ability.

    Why are the new translators already so powerful? When did they reach such level in the Dao?
    Are you the child spirit in WMW 163 and the old witch/Old Devil/Grandma (OMA) brought you to our Realm?

    If it is so, as a person from another realm, telling her own story, no wonder you can translate that fast.
    Thank you for sharing by the way, your story is awesome!

    1. I need to screenshot this!!! I’m not sure how you found out about my skill and how I’m from a different Realm, but I hope you can keep it a secret. Hope you have fun reading and we’ll continue churning out more chapters! Thank you for taking the time to write this marvellous comment, by the way!

      1. Not sure how I can keep it a secret but I promise I won’t mention it anymore 😉
        I do have fun reading wuxias, xanxias and all: just keep in mind that we are here for the whole story before all. Getting sooner a chapter is cool, but not as important as your and OMA’s well being.
        As far as web statistics goes, we are many readers for just a few transaltors, so it became easier to financially help a translator. Unfortunately the translator often converts it as pressure to publish more. So even if we are a quite frankly a bit addictted to a novel, please translate at your scheduled or own pace, do not overwork yourself and plan some free time!
        If you want to thank us (the non-donators? or at least me), simply make funny comments as Deathblade (ISSTH), great translation notes as Podao (GOR), awesome explanations about a translation difficulty as RWX or simply enjoy life and tell us about it.

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