♟ WMW Chapter 1088 ♟

Chapter 1/4 for the day.

Theo: Hey, sorry guys I got caught up in some work last night and fell asleep at my desk before I could post.
Welp, at least it’s a chance for us to move back to my timezone for posting. Second chap coming in 10 hours, third in three after that, and fourth at regular time.

Chapter 1088 | Chapter 1089 (Teaser)
Translated by: OMA
Edited by: Theo
TLCed by: Trina, OMA

New schedule from October.

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  1. tsk, i love this novel, but if it affects your life so badly that you fall asleep at your desk, take a little break, i would mind a lot because i love this novel, but i’m just saying you need to take care of yourself

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