♟ WMW Chapter 1000 ♟

OMA: The end is near! 200 more chapters! We couldn’t have made it this far without you, our readers. Thank you for reading WMW and do keep a lookout for our next novel, City of Sins.

Theo: Still not over 9000

Ying: Y’all!!!! We’re at 1000!!! Can’t believe what we’ve achieved in the past year and.. many months. We’ll keep working hard and thank you so much for reading! 🙂

1st chap of the day.

Chapter 1000 | Chapter 1001(Teaser)

Translated by: Ying
Edited by: Theo
TLCed by: Trina

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31 thoughts on “♟ WMW Chapter 1000 ♟” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Less than 3 months remaining from this novel…
    Aside from the twilight zone arc, the whole novel has been extremely solid.
    So far, every novel that is overly long hasn’t been too good.

  2. I still remember when I first read WMW through an Epub about a year ago. I was a medic in a motorcross competition and decided to past time by reading one of the Epubs I downloaded.

  3. Thank you guys for everything!

    Congratulations on the milestone, but I swear I’m going to be sad when wmw ends! I truly appreciate a well written anti-hero.

    Gracias mi amigos y amigas!

    Dankeschön meiner Freund!

  4. Congrats and NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! I want to follow Leylins adventures after he becomes the apex. 🙁 Can we bombard the author with a continuation?? *Sulks* only 200 more chappies to go, so soon. *cries*

    There has to be more powerful worlds out there besides the magus/divine/dreamworld’s. There just has to be. 🙁 Or the story could go into leylin conquering every single world in existence after he becomes the apex predator. 🙁 Would love to read about that.

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